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1-Jul-2022The Expulsion of Academic Teaching Staff from German Universities, 1933–45Grüttner, Michael-
28-Jun-2022MODUS-COVID Bericht vom 28.06.2022Müller, Sebastian Alexander; Charlton, William; Ewert, Ricardo; Paltra, Sydney; Rakow, Christian; Rehmann, Jakob; Conrad, Tim; Schütte, Christof; Nagel, Kai-
22-Jun-2022Learning classical readout quantum PUFs based on single-qubit gatesPirnay, Niklas; Pappa, Anna; Seifert, Jean-Pierre-
21-Jun-2022Multicomponent exercises to prevent and reduce back pain in elderly care nurses: a randomized controlled trialOtto, Ann-Kathrin; Wollesen, Bettina-
17-Jun-2022Long-distance air pressure differences correlate with European rainMüller-Plath, Gisela; Lüdecke, Horst-Joachim; Lüning, Sebastian-
13-Jun-2022Managing multiple business models: The role of interdependenciesHarren, Hendrik; Knyphausen-Aufseß, Dodo zu; Markides, Constantinos C.-
2-Jun-2022Radical artifactualismOliveira, Guilherme Sanches de-
1-Jun-2022Application of micropolar theory to the description of the skin effect due to hydrogen saturationFrolova, Ksenia; Vilchevskaya, Elena; Bessonov, Nikolay; Müller, Wolfgang; Polyanskiy, Vladimir; Yakovlev, Yuriy-
bmjopen-12-e052337.pdf.jpg1-Jun-2022Economic impact of cholera in households in rural southern Malawi: a prospective studyHsiao, Amber; Ramani, Enusa; Seo, Hye-Jin; Pak, GiDeok; Vuntade, Dan; M’bang’ombe, Maurice; Ngwira, Bagrey; Quentin, Wilm; Marks, Florian; Mogasale, Vittal-
mlst_3_2_025011.pdf.jpg30-May-2022High-fidelity molecular dynamics trajectory reconstruction with bi-directional neural networksWinkler, Ludwig; Müller, Klaus-Robert; Sauceda, Huziel E.-
polymers-14-02193.pdf.jpg28-May-2022Influence of Pre-Exposure on the Material Response of Epoxy-Based Volume Holographic Recording MaterialSabel-Grau, Tina-
energies-15-03966.pdf.jpg27-May-2022Modeling and Simulation of Photobioreactors with Computational Fluid Dynamics—A Comprehensive ReviewLuzi, Giovanni; McHardy, Christopher-
water-14-01722.pdf.jpg27-May-2022The Assessment of Climate Variables and Geographical Distribution on Residential Drinking Water Demand in EthiopiaTimotewos, Mosisa Teferi; Barjenbruch, Matthias; Behailu, Beshah M.-
Chen_etal_new_2022.pdf.jpg27-May-2022A new parallel algorithm for improving the computational efficiency of multi-GNSS precise orbit determinationChen, Xinghan; Ge, Maorong; Hugentobler, Urs; Schuh, Harald-
Li_etal_PPP-RTK_2022.pdf.jpg26-May-2022PPP-RTK considering the ionosphere uncertainty with cross-validationLi, Pan; Cui, Bobin; Hu, Jiahuan; Liu, Xuexi; Zhang, Xiaohong; Ge, Maorong; Schuh, Harald-
symmetry-14-01083.pdf.jpg25-May-2022A Comparison of General Solutions to the Non-Axisymmetric Frictionless Contact Problem with a Circular Area of Contact: When the Symmetry Does Not MatterArgatov, Ivan-
resources-11-00052-v2.pdf.jpg25-May-2022Enhancement of the ESSENZ Method and Application in a Case Study on BatteriesPelzeter, Julia; Bach, Vanessa; Henßler, Martin; Ruhland, Klaus; Finkbeiner, Matthias-
fractalfract-06-00282.pdf.jpg24-May-2022A New Method of Quantifying the Complexity of Fractal NetworksBabič, Matej; Marinković, Dragan; Kovačič, Miha; Šter, Branko; Calì, Michele-
jes_169_5_054520.pdf.jpg23-May-2022Understanding the Performance Increase of Catalysts Supported on N-Functionalized Carbon in PEMFC Catalyst LayersOtt, Sebastian; Du, Fengmin; Luna, Mauricio Lopez; Dao, Tuan Anh; Cuenya, Beatriz Roldan; Orfanidi, Alin; Strasser, Peter-
sustainability-14-06377-v2.pdf.jpg23-May-2022The Land Use and Individual Correlates of Pedestrian Commuting: Who Walks to Their Work or Place of Study in the Large Cities of the MENA Region?Masoumi, Houshmand; Sierpiński, Grzegorz-