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Kroll_2015.pdf.jpg2015Controlled ligand distortion and its consequences for structure, symmetry, conformation and spin-state preferences of iron(II) complexesKroll, Nicole; Theilacker, Kolja; Schoknecht, Marc; Baabe, Dirk; Wiedemann, Dennis; Kaupp, Martin; Grohmann, Andreas; Hörner, Gerald-
c3py00120b.pdf.jpg2013Dual functionality of formamidine polymers, as ligands and as bases, in ruthenium-catalysed hydrogen evolution from formic acidEnthaler, Stephan; Junge, Henrik; Fischer, Anna; Kammer, Anja; Krackl, Sebastian; Epping, Jan Dirk-
CELC_CELC202100020.pdf.jpg11-Mar-2021Electrografted Interfaces on Metal Oxide Electrodes for Enzyme Immobilization and BioelectrocatalysisHarris, Tomos G. A. A.; Heidary, Nina; Frielingsdorf, Stefan; Rauwerdink, Sander; Tahraoui, Abbes; Lenz, Oliver; Zebger, Ingo; Fischer, Anna-
c4cc06561a.pdf.jpg2014Enhanced catalytic performance of MnxOy-Na2WO4/SiO2 for the oxidative coupling of methane using an ordered mesoporous silica supportYildiz, M.; Aksu, Y.; Simon, U.; Kailasam, K.; Görke, O.; Rosowski, F.; Schomäcker, R.; Thomas, A.; Arndt, S.-
water-13-02948.pdf.jpg20-Oct-2021Immobilization of TiO2 Semiconductor Nanoparticles onto Posidonia Oceanica Fibers for Photocatalytic Phenol DegradationMorjène, Latifa; Schwarze, Michael; Seffen, Mongi; Schomäcker, Reinhard; Tasbihi, Minoo-
c2py00540a.pdf.jpg2012Iron-based pre-catalyst supported on polyformamidine for C-C bond formationEnthaler, Stephan; Krackl, Sebastian; Epping, Jan Dirk; Eckhardt, Björn; Weidner, Steffen M.; Fischer, Anna-
c1cs15085e.pdf.jpg2011Palladium-catalysed hydroxylation and alkoxylationEnthaler, Stephan; Company, Anna-
catalysts-11-01223-v2.pdf.jpg11-Oct-2021Rh-Catalyzed Reductive Amination of Undecanal in an Aqueous Microemulsion System Using a Non-Ionic SurfactantWeber, Ariane; Porthun, Linus; Schomäcker, Reinhard-
c0cy00039f.pdf.jpg2011A straightforward zinc-catalysed reduction of sulfoxides to sulfidesEnthaler, Stephan-